Delta’s Free Messaging Guarantees us More Updates on Legroom, Crying Babies

Have you ever purchased that overpriced but oh so convenient in-flight Wi-Fi? You know, the kind that costs anywhere from $16 to $28 per day?

Sure you have. It’s 2017, so the thought of an hour or two without communication makes you break into a cold sweat as the plane’s walls close in on you. The fact that you can’t text your BFF about how bored you are on your flight drives you insane.

Well, Delta is here to restore your sanity. Starting Oct. 1, Delta customers will have access to free in-flight messaging through iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Yes, free!

No More Wasting Money on In-Flight Wi-Fi

There’s a special kind of shameful purchasing that comes with flying. I’m not talking about buying overpriced junk from the crusty Skymall magazine in your seatback pocket — although a few bloody marys at 10,000 feet may make those strange garden gnomes look enticing.  

So, when airlines offer to charge you big for spotty — if not terrible — Wi-Fi, you whip out your American Express like it ain’t no thang and pay the hefty price to have some sort of connection to life on the ground.

That hefty price tag is why Delta’s new offer is changing the game.

To get your free messaging, download the apps prior to takeoff. Connect to the Gogo Inflight network once in-flight Wi-Fi is enabled, then navigate to and select the free messaging option from the dashboard. The free in-flight messaging works on virtually any Wi-Fi-enabled device, according to Delta’s website.

No, you can’t Snapchat about your lack of legroom, but you can stay connected to friends and family during your journey without draining your travel budget.

We’ll take it!

Kelly Anne Smith is a junior writer and engagement specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Catch her on Twitter at @keywordkelly.

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